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Career Summary

For more than 10 years, I have been designing and art directing for clients such as  Sony, Toyota, Fox, Dreamworks, Disney, Activision, Reebok, Kaiser Permanente, Proactiv and many more while working for a number of agencies from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I have held the position of Art Director for Agency.com, Bleu22, Spike Radio and Citro Studio. I love to art direct but I love to design more.

I am a self-taught designer who learned design while attending the University of CA, Irvine. At the time, I was studying Information and Computer Science. Because of my education, I do have a programming background but lately I have only been designing.

My Skills

UI Design


Visual Design


Responsive Design




Art Direction


My Design Philosophy

From my experience, great designs come from revision, revision and revision. I believe just like art you can continually work on a project but you need to know when you are finished. When you get to a point when there is nothing more to add or subtract, then you can put down your mouse and be proud of your new design. But as time passes, you will dissect your work, notice flaws in it, and begin to hate it. This is a good sign and it means that you are continually growing in your craft.

My Personal Life

Currently, I live in Los Angeles, CA with my lovely wife. Without her support, this site would not have been completed. When I am not on the computer, I enjoy spending time with my wife, working out, hiking, cycling, listening to music, watching movies, tv and the NFL. Photography is another interest of mine. I try to take my Canon 5D Mark III camera everywhere that I go. Check out my photos on MarkLeeFoto.com and MarkLeeImages.com.

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