Confused about Web Hosting?

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You might be confused with all the hosting options that are available today. I was. So I googled web hosting reviews. I read all the reviews and came to a conclusion for what I am looking for and for my budget, I decided to go with SiteGround. I think I made the right choice. Whenever I have a problem, I call the tech support at SiteGround and in about 10-30 seconds, I am talking to a live tech. One time, something was not working right and the tech actually made all the necessary changes for me. I was quite surprised. I initially had the GrowBig plan on the Shared Web Hosting plan. But I switched to the GoGeek plan because of the Staging tools. Let me explain. With the GoGeek plan, you can make an exact copy of your current site, make changes to it and push it live with one click. Now, if you did not like the changes you made, you can just delete this staging copy and make another copy of the current site. It’s that simple. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. For me, this is the best option for what I was looking for and for my budget.

Just click on the banner below, if you want to start your hosting plan with SiteGround.







These are the articles that I read to come to a conclusion that SiteGround is the right choice for me:

Today is the soft launch of

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I guess you could call this a soft launch. I am not announcing this launch to the public. I want to make sure everything is working properly. There are still a ton of work I still need to complete on this website. The main item is adding all my other work to the portfolio section. I am trying not to just slap in screenshots of my work. What I am trying to do is figure out a clever way to present each work in a way that fits for that particular work. Presenting it this way, takes time.

Anyways, this site took me 2.5 months of hard work filled with late nights and lots of coffee. I even made a decision not to go to the gym for 2 months until this site went live. I never took this much time to create a portfolio site for myself. At some point, I thought it would never get done. I experienced a range of emotions from calm, anxiousness, self-doubt to frustration. I am happy that it is finally live. Now, I can take a little breather before I work on all the bugs and the other things that need to be completed. I still have a very long list.

So what did I do that took so long. Well, I did a lot of research before I started the project. I wanted to make sure I had everything that I needed and wanted to make sure the tools I used was not to going to hinder the production later on. I had to figure out the color palette, figure out the layout, do some of the photography on the site, design a logo, create business cards, create facebook and google business pages, etc…  Yeahhhh…, it was a lot.

Enjoy! I hope you like it  🙂