Mark Lee - UI/UX Designer, fashion, portrait photographer

MLB Fans splash page

Vixlet, the passion-fueled social network, today announced the launch of MLB Fans, the official social network of Major League Baseball (MLB), in partnership with MLB.

MLB Fans is available as a free download from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones as well as accessible online at

This new social platform allows baseball fans to connect directly from the devices they use most with their favorite teams, players and other fans around the world as well as following the game with thousands of MLB videos, photos, GIFs and commentary distributed by every day. 

MLB Fans is an interactive network for fans to share their individual baseball stories and experiences by posting personal photos and videos, commenting, and liking. Fans will also be able to share their favorite content from with friends through their accounts on other social networks.

The branded world of MLB fans is underpinned on Vixlet, a social network of tomorrow that connects people directly to their passions.

I was part of the Vixlet team that created this MLB Fans app. In this project, I created a splash page to showcase all the  stories and experiences from fans throughout the world from our app. This page was visible to non-members from our web app. The goal was to get these non-members to join. My role was the UX designer, UI designer and prototyper.