Mark Lee - UI/UX Designer, fashion, portrait photographer

Science 37 NORA

Science 37 is accelerating the research and development of breakthrough biomedical treatments by bringing clinical trials to patients' homes. Backed by venture investors such as Glynn Capital, Google Ventures, Redmile Group, dRx Capital and Lux Capital, they are revolutionizing the clinical trial industry one patient at a time.

NORA® stands for Network Oriented Research Assistant, and is the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant technology platform that allows Science 37 to bring research directly to patients in their own homes. NORA® integrates telemedicine technology into the clinical research process, and supports Science 37’s end-to-end management of clinical trials. From the first steps of trial design, to connecting with patients at home, NORA® is there to help. 

For this project, I was asked to prototype the interactions of the NORA app. I used the tool Principle to accomplish this.