Mark Lee - UI/UX Designer, fashion, portrait photographer

Vixlet Color System

Empowering the next generation of fan experiences, Vixlet is a social network that connects people around their passions. Vixlet delivers unprecedented engagement across all channels with the sports teams, artists and brands that fans love; through proprietary technology, official brand partnerships, and exclusive content and campaigns. Transcending age, gender, socioeconomics and geography, passion for sport, music, art and culture is what brings Vixlet users together, and makes Vixlet the social network of tomorrow. Our platform powers fan engagement for global brands, such as Major League Baseball (MLB), men’s tennis (ATP), and Liverpool FC.

Vixlet’s platform is structured around capsules. Capsules organize content, guide the conversations and facilitate search and discovery. Athletes and teams have their own official capsules, which include posts from the athletes and teams themselves, in addition to content curated by the capsule creator.

As the Senior Product Designer at Vixlet, I created a color system that would work on all brands that includes light and dark color palettes. I had to designate a number to every single element in the app. Each number would correspond to a specific color. I didn't want a huge set of colors to manage. The goal of this project was when a new brand was introduce to Vixlet, we could just create a color palette and using this system color the entire app quickly.